In Linear Lights

by In The Burial

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this is a preview to the forthcoming album from In The Burial to be released 2017.

2. In Linear LIghts


Are you so smug to proclaim that you embody only of light
One who never would step foot in a lepers lair
How can you claim to hear only the voice of god, without first facing the devil?

I am a being of both the light and dark
I travel along the outskirts, along the path of separateness & free will
I hear the ones that whisper in solitude, in the tongue of the ancient familiar.
My cells recognize your voice, summoning distant memories You are another me. I am another you.The temporary vessel fails to show, the magnitude of what lies within.
That which you seek, seeks you

If ever there was an impostor, an opponent, a villain, a segregator, it's name would be ego. Know thy ego, know thyself. Because I give in, I am defeated by you. A hardening of the heart. A wall barricading my authenticity. My truth hidden beneath layers. Greater truths revealed. The bitterness of alienation oozes a poisonous venom

Do you remember the mother breath on the wind?
Overshadowed by the things that had died while you lived
semantics to heavy a burden to bare
Return to absence of duality

Emerging from stagnant waters, putrid and vile beneath halo smiles
Shrouding the repressed, and suffering in denial.
Do not so easily dismiss your demons, for they have much to teach who rejects the darkness its shadows.


released August 12, 2016
released August 7, 2016
recorded 2016
at blocksgaard studios, adelaide

as apart of the "arise the heretics" single



all rights reserved


In The Burial Adelaide, Australia

In The Burial's musical range diversifies within the boundaries of technical, blackened death metal. With relentless touring nationally and combined with some solid international supports under their belts– including Napalm Death, Origin, NeObliviscaris, Aborted, Dying Fetus, Grave, Hypno5e –
the band was signed to Canada's PRC Records just prior to the release of its debut album.
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